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    Our internship program offers the training and experience that can help you move forward with a career in the world of media production or social media.


Whether it's assisting with studio shoots, covering local government or special events, or creating their own unique content, Amherst Media interns are the heart and soul of our organization. Interns receive free training and use of our facilities and equipment in exchange for assistance with our daily workflow.


Production Internship

Production Assistants are a vital part of our operations at Amherst Media. Candidates should be self-motivated and enthusiastic about multimedia production!

Basic duties include assisting with pre and post-production work-flow for in-house studio shoots and field productions. Interns are also encouraged to create and produce their own original programming to be aired on our network.

This is a great opportunity to advance your creative and technical skills!

Duties: Assisting in shooting, directing, floor management, lighting, sound, editing, and programming.

Skills: Accepted interns will receive training and supervision from staff. Amherst Media interns may attend all courses and workshops free of charge.

Please send resume and cover letter or requests for further information to: intern@amherstmedia.org


What Can I Expect from an Amherst Media Internship?

See what an internship at Amherst Media looks like through the eyes and experiences of our interns.


Social Media Internship

Seeking Internet savvy persons for social media internship positions. Individuals will be responsible for coordination and execution of social media marketing for Amherst Media. Working with the Director of Media & Digital Content to assist in developing marketing strategies to increase community engagement on the web including driving traffic to our website, increasing membership and creating a greater sense of community on the web.

Keeping an eye out for new trends and taking advantage of new opportunities in social media marketing is key.

Duties: Updating and management of pre-existing social media pages: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other appropriate sites. Interact with online community and encourage involvement with Amherst Media by developing online connections and relationships. Creating PR campaigns aimed at targeted groups of existing and prospective members then distributing information via the web, email, and social media sites. Producing flyers and distributing them across Amherst and local campuses.

Desired Skills: Proficiency with Mac OSX, Photoshop or Illustrator or InDesign, and previously mentioned social media sites. Accepted interns will receive graphic design training and supervision from staff.

This position offers a unique opportunity to develop and drive digital and social media strategies for the organization.

Please send resume and cover letter or requests for further information to: intern@amherstmedia.org


Social Journalism Coordinator and Editor

Amherst Media’s new Community Journalism program is looking for two interns to help coordinate and organize our Community Journalists (CJs), by scouting for local stories, recruiting and corresponding with CJs, hosting weekly CJ meetings and overseeing editing of stories and adding them to our site. These stories will utilize video, podcast, photos and written articles. The interns will have a major role in establishing this program.

You would also produce a fortnightly (biweekly) news magazine encapsulating selected highlights from the previous two weeks reporting from Amherst Media government coverage as well as news articles deemed important to the local community.

Please send resume and cover letter or requests for further information to: intern@amherstmedia.org


Archiving Internship

Amherst Media is in the process of digitizing our vast library of tapes, ranging from SVHS to 3/4 to Mini DV.  This project is part of our effort to preserve our extensive collection of tapes documenting our community's history and we are currently one of the first access centers in the country to take on this process.  Interested applicants must be driven, detail oriented, able to multitask and able to solve technical issues with little supervision.  Archiving interns will work closely with the Director of Programming and Director of Media Technologies.  Preference is given to work study positions, but credited internship positions will also be considered.

Duties: Digitize a wide variety of analog formats for backup to a hard drive, LTO system, and Archive.org.  Collect specific metadata for each program which will be attached to the files through each step of the archiving process.  Report to the Director of Programming and the Director of Media Technologies.

Skills: Experience with Apple computers, Google Spreadsheets and documents, and a basic understanding of analog technologies, such as VCR's.  Desire to learn about digitization and archiving.

Please send resume and cover letter or requests for further information to: intern@amherstmedia.org