Action Update

On Monday, September 26th, the Amherst Select Board will vote to accept or preliminarily reject a cable contract proposal by Comcast for permission to provide cable services to the town.

The Amherst Cable Advisory Committee (CAC) has requested the Town Manager and the Select Board reject the current renewal contract proposed by Comcast unless the contract meets two criteria:

The primary election is right around the corner! Election day is Thursday, September 8th. There are six candidates vying to replace Ellen Story after her announced retirement to serve the 3rd Hampshire District as State Representative.

Amherst Media recorded personal statements from each candidate as well as co-hosting a Forum on Eduction with Amherst Educational Foundation. In addition, we have covered a number of other debates.

CAC chair Dee Shabazz reports to the Amherst Select Board

On Monday, August 15, the Amherst Select Board rejected the Comcast franchise proposal and sent the contract back for further negotiations. 

Classic Stanley team gathers at Amherst Media

Matt Heron Duranti, Amherst Media board member, and over forty other crew members and actors assembled at Amherst Media on Friday to participated in the 48hour Film Project. They used the station as their home base, studio, and editing rooms over the course of the weekend-long project.

Amherst Media

The President of the Board of Amherst Media, Steven D. Brewer, speaking for the Executive Committee, has drafted a letter to the Amherst Select Board and Cable Advisory Committee urging them to not accept the tentative agreement with Comcast negotiated by the outgoing temporary town manager and to press Comcast to meet the needs of the community as expressed in the cable reascertainment hearings. Read more for the full letter.