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Many cable subscribers have reported over the last two weeks that they are unable to access our channels any longer. This has been frustrating for them as they cannot watch programming that is important to them and frustrating for us as we cannot directly resolve the issue.

Steven Brewer, Amherst Media Board President

Amherst Media has been everywhere in Amherst this year. From the Chamber to the Schools, from Local government to State-wide Office, from Academia to The Bruce Show, from the Holyoke Range to the Survival Center, from Orville to Gertrude Dinglehoffer. Amherst Media gives Amherst residents a voice.

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In addition to honoring State Representative Ellen Story with the Jean Haggerty award, current Amherst Media members will cast ballots for candidates to the Board of Directors.

For those voting, here are brief writeups for the three candidates to the Amherst Media Board of Directors...

Jean Haggerty Award Presentation 2014

The 2016 Amherst Media annual meeting is occuring this Wednesday at 6:30pm. During the meeting we will honor State Representative Ellen Story as this year's Jean Haggerty award winner. Amherst Media established this award in honor of Jean’s lifetime dedication to community betterment and concern for those who have been denied an opportunity to be heard. In addition, members will cast votes in our board member election as well as get updates on happenings at Amherst Media.

The event is open to all who wish to attend.

Amherst Media will be broadcasting Democracy Now!'s coverage of the final Presidential Debate! this Wednesday, October 19th! The broadcast starts at 8pm and ends at 11:30pm. 

For viewers interested in candidates excluded from the main debates, Democracy Now! will air a special two part episode at 8am on Thursday, October 20th. The first hour will be their regular news program but the second hour will expand the debate to include candidates that were excluded from the debates. 

Remember to Vote on November 8th!