Amherst Media would like to thank everyone who came out to support Isaac BenEzra this past Thursday.  We had a great turnout.  If you weren't able to make it, we showed a short video that we put together honoring Isaac.  You can view that below and you can also view photos from the event on our Flickr.  We filmed the event and we're also going to be working on an extended cut of the tribute video, so be sure to check back to view those when they're ready. 

Isaac BenEzra

Isaac BenEzra is being honored by Amherst Media for his lifetime achievements in community activism with a celebration on Dec 11 at 4:30pm in the Town Room in Amherst Town Hall. Deprivation during his formative years and early experiences with union action ultimately led him to become a community organizer for many other public causes including civil rights, world peace, and health care. The public is invited to attend and celebrate the life of this octagenarian activist.

Open Science Slide

After you visit the Merry Maple on December, 5th, 2014, please join us at Amherst Media, where we will be hosting the First Annual Town-Gown "Open Science and Making" Event with the makers of the projects, at 246 College St., Amherst, MA. The event will begin at 6pm and will end at 8:30pm.

This upcoming Saturday, December 6th, at 1 PM in the Jones Library, Amherst MA there will be a celebration of human rights featuring dance, poetry, prose, and visual art in a communal representation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  Community members will be performing some of the 30 Articles of Human Rights, written by Eleanor Roosevelt and others on a UN Commissin in 1948.  Twenty-seven local groups are co-sponsors to the event.

A shrinking drinking water supply and expanding population are crucial concerns moving forward in the imminent future for many less developed countries.  In fact, over 1 billion people do not have proper access to drinkable water and even more experience severe water pollution contamination. Organizations and non-profits such as Public Laboratory are working to combat this issue by developing open source technology that provides cheap water quality information.