Electronic Quilt

Christine Olson represented Makers at Amherst Media at Hack for Western Mass on June 6 and 7. This annual event, a celebration of the National Day of Civic Hacking, brings technologists together with community partners to solve local problems. During the hackathon, people organize into teams and build websites, apps, and other technology projects to support local non-profits. In addition, the hackathon includes a "Youth Hackathon" with demos in Scratch, Minecraft, and our Makerspace.

iDesign Summer Workshop

Mount Holyoke College is offering two session of their IDesign Workshop for High School Girls. The first session will be hosted here at Amherst Media July 20-24 and the second located on the college campus August 24-28.

The Curious Giraffe Show is a brand new program at Amherst Media created and hosted by Dorothy Cresswell. Each episode, children of all ages gather with Dorothy to tackle an interesting topic that "kids wonder about." These themes can range from social issues to educational topics. Through song and storytelling, Dorothy teaches valuable lessons and addresses the children's questions in a friendly and fun-loving environment. Guest speakers are also invited onto the show to help create a discussion where all questions are welcome. Watch the first three episodes below.

'A Quiet Passion' is set to be the first feature length film surrounding the life and work of the world famous poet Emily Dickinson. Film makers will be shooting at the Dickinson Homestead, the Wildwood Cemetery, and historical locations is Pelham the week of June 15th. The excitement is felt throughout the area and especially at the Emily Dickinson Museum in Amherst.


“The difference with our organization is that we’re ‘low threshold’, which basically means anyone can walk through the door,” said Tracey Levy, Program Director of the Amherst Survival Center in North Amherst.