Welcome to Amherstmedia.org

Our new website offers you the chance to do much more, as do our revamped facilities. Come in and see our new edit suites, and community art walls.
Videos are now embedded in the site; you don't need to use an external player, and you can easily share them by email or embed them on your own site or blog.
If you register for an account (free to all) you can also browse through a list of potential volunteers, find a crew to help you film/ edit/ etc., or check out volunteer opportunities.
There is much more to come as we gradually roll out more features on the site, screencasts to explain how to use them and exciting announcements about new developments at Amherst Media.
This site is still a work in progress, as we await a few tweaks to the software we're using. During this "Public Beta" period we welcome your thoughts so please email Craig with any feedback.