Help us Stop the "Verizon Bill"

Dear Friends of Amherst Media
I am asking for your help and support in letting Senator Rosenberg and Representative Story know that Massachusetts Senate Bill 1687, commonly referred to as the "Verizon Bill" by those in Community Access, penalizes and threatens local control during review process of all new contracts.
Please take a moment to read the attached letters (download them via the links below), one for each elected official. Your voice can help ensure towns like Amherst have sufficient time needed during negotiations.
There will be a hearing on this bill next week in Boston on May 18th. Amherst Media is expecting to present testimony against the Bill. Your e-mail or land mail letter of support will be included in our testimony. So please CC me with your submittal:
Please note there is room allotted after the second paragraph for you to personalize the letter as to your interactions with Amherst Media; viewer, producer, user of the facility, member of a local non-profit that has regular shows etc. Please be sure to sign your name.
I appreciate your time and assistance in this serious matter.
Jim Lescault
Executive Director, Amherst Media
Here are Representative Story and Senator Rosenbergs's email addresses: