Community Photoshop Courses and an All New Photoshop Help Desk

Check out the exciting new community Photoshop course descriptions below and then visit "Classes, Trainings, and Workshops" on our home page at to catch all the dates & times. Amherst Media is thrilled to offer this exciting menu of skill-building opportunities and we look forward to hearing from you for additional topics of interest & need.
ïPanoramas in Photoshop - $30
Advances in image capture technology along with Photoshop features now allows for greater speed and automation in the traditional image making of ìPanoramasî. Once the domain of specialty cameras and lenses can now be created with as simple a capture device as a cell phone. Vast landscapes and complex composites of images can be combined using ìPhotomergeî in Photoshop Cs5. This class explores how to photograph a panorama and use Photoshop to merge the resulting images into a unique composition.
ïPhotoshop Rx - $8/30minutes or $15/hour
Having a problem understanding Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom, digital cameras, files, computers? Need help with a photo related project, understanding your printer, Photoshop concepts & tools, creating the correct images for your website? Photoshop Rx is a ìhelp deskî for digital imaging. Bring your imaging questions and we'll work together.
ïBlack & White in Photoshop - $30
There is something special about black & white images. The lack of color somehow both simplifies and expands our vision and understanding. This class demonstrates the classical Photoshop approaches to understanding how to create beautiful B&W versions of your images. Photoshop grayscale conversions have never been simpler or more flexible to use. We'll also look at an amazing B&W printing service for your images.
ïHigh Dynamic Range (HDR) Imaging in Photoshop - $30
No longer the second cousin to Photomatix Pro and HDR Efex Pro, Photoshop now has a full range of HDR features. Simply put, High Dynamic Range refers to a subject or scene whose parts cannot render detail with a single exposure. To have detail throughout such an image multiple captures are combined into one. This class includes HDR shooting tips, Tone Mapping, Local Adaptation and removing ghosts.
ïIntro to Lightroom 3 - FREE
Lightroom is one of the answers to digital photography's many challenges.
It helps you organize, process, adjust, and output images to print or the web. The easy to use interface is intuitive and thoughtfully designed to streamline working with single or multiple images. This is an informational class to help you determine if Lightroom is right for you.
ïLightroom ñ Library, Develop, Slideshow, Print & Web - $30/class or $125 for all five modules.
In these classes, together we build a catalog of your images that is fast and easy to use. In order to get the most from these classes each student is required to bring their own laptop computer and images. (PC or Mac) In addition students will be expected to either own or install a trial version of the software.
Each (Lightroom) class is organized around one of the 5 Lightroom Modules
Successively, we explore:
-How to organize and archive your images in the Library.
-Discover the "digital darkroom" tools in the Develop module.
-Learn to make professional presentations through the Slideshow module.
-The Print module makes printing simple, efficient and flexible.
-Sharing your work on-line with the Web module and publishing services makes updating your website effortless.