Community Shows

Listed below are programs developed by fellow community members which we call Community Shows. For other shows, such as meetings of town boards, see:

2019 Amherst School Committee Candidate Statements
Candidate statements for the 2019 Amherst School Committee election.
A Window into ARPS
In A Window into ARPS, Amherst Regional Public School Superintendent Mike Morris introduces the new and veteran educators within the ARPS system.
Amherst Hockey
Amherst Hockey Games
Amherst Joint School Committee
Joint School Commitee meetings are meetings that include the Amherst-Pelham Regional School Commitee (grades 7-12), plus the Amherst School Commitee (K-6) and sometimes the Pelham School...
Amherst School Committee
The Amherst School Committee is responsible for the operations of the elementary schools, Pre-K to 6, which serve students from the Town of Amherst. These schools include Crocker Farm, Fort River,...
Amherst Weekly Report
The Amherst Weekly Report covers the news from the week out of Amherst Media in Amherst, Massachusetts.
Amherst-Pelham Regional School Committee
The Amherst-Pelham Regional School Committee is responsible for the operations of the secondary schools, 7-12, which serve students from the Towns of Amherst, Pelham, Leverett and Shutesbury.The...
Byline with Stan Rosenberg
Amherst Media and former Massachusetts State Senate President Stan Rosenberg team up with the Amherst League of Women Voters for “Byline with Stan Rosenberg,” an issue-oriented local...
Capital Plan
Our ChallengeWe have been asked to vacate the location of our longtime studio which we have been leasing for 21 years. The building owner has been generous in giving us several extensions on our...
COVID-19 Information
Information regarding COVID-19, re-opening, and other pandemic related news.
Creating a Human Rights Culture
Creating a Human Rights Culture includes interviews, discussions, public service announcements, and videos calling for a "lived awareness" of the interdependency of human rights principles...
Critical Connections
Critical Connections is a non-profit organization based in western Massachusetts that seeks to improve understanding of social, political and religious trends related to Muslim communities here in...
Critical Conversations
Critical Conversations is a look at current topics and trends on both the local and national levels in an effort to begin a dialogue and consciousness for change
Difficult Dialogues
Difficult Dialogues: Voices from the Valley is a public affairs show which aims to tackle some of the most pressing matters facing contemporary society. Since its inception in 2013, it has drawn...
Going Deeper with Marcie Sclove
Marcie Sclove is the founder and host of Going Deeper. Marcie came to Amherst, MA with her husband in the late 1980’s. She opened Marcie’s Place Restaurant and became an active member of...
Holistic Happenings
Holistic Happenings is a show that focuses on different modalities of holistic healthcare, hosted by Denise Dineen.
Hourglass Trails
 Each life is unique in its own way, humble or great. In ‘Hourglass Trails’, we will invite guests from all walks of life to explore the many facets of living. We will share ideas on...
Jean Haggerty Award
The Jean Haggerty Award for Community Service recognizes individuals who believe in and demonstrate the importance of community engagement to obtain social change. Jean Haggerty was a producer...
Miscellaneous Meetings
Meetings listed here include forums or meetings which are not in other categories or in mutiple categories. 
Pictures at an Exhibition
Interviews with local artists about their current works. Interviews by Betsy Stone and Eva Fierst. Produced and directed by Eric Broudy.
Riding in the Zone
Local journalist, author, motorcycle instructor and former professional racer Ken Condon premieres his new show "Riding In The Zone," a look at the wide world of motorcycling. Ken looks at...
Science Café
Science Cafés are events that take place in casual settings such as pubs and coffeehouses, are open to everyone, and feature an engaging conversation with a scientist about a particular topic....
Senior Moment
Senior Moment is a show about seniors, for seniors hosted by Amherst local David Reffsin. The show airs Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m and reruns Sundays at 10:30 a.m on local access Channel 12.
The Amherst League of Women Voters
The National League of Women Voters was established in February 1920, six months before the 19th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified, which gave women the right to vote following a 70 year...
The Curious Giraffe Show
The Curious Giraffe Show is Amherst's own children's show hosted by local musician Dorothy Cresswell, often featuring guests and always teaching good life lessons.
The Valley Advocate Podcast
Join Valley Advocate editor Dave Eisenstadter as he interviews a wide variety of interesting folks for the Valley Advocate Podcast.
Theological Devotional
A weekly series with host Rev. Anita Morris, M.Div