Amherst Media Programming Update #3

Hello everyone,
Once again, we want to thank you for your patience. Our broadcast server upgrade has taken a little longer than we had originally expected. The good news is that we are almost running at full capacity again. We have begun to air many of our programs at their regularly scheduled times. The rest will hopefully return to their regularly scheduled times early next week.
Unfortunately, we are waiting on one more piece of equipment to be installed and until that happens, there are certain programs that we are unable to air. Church services and other various programs come to us in DVD format. We are waiting for the piece of equipment that controls our DVD players to be installed. As soon as that happens, all church services, Polka Time and any other programs that we get on DVD will return to the schedule. This will hopefully happen early next week as well.
We've had some inquiries about Democracy Now. DN has returned to it's regular 8 am and 5 pm air times.
As soon as our last piece of equipment is installed, I will post another update. Stay tuned and thanks again for your support!
- Kayla