Amherst Media Programming Update #2

Hello Amherst Media viewers,
I wanted to take a moment to update everyone on our broadcast server situation. We received our new server and have begun to copy the programs from our old server to the new one. During this time, we will begin to air some of our regular programs again, but will not be able to broadcast at full capacity just yet. The reason for this is that the transferring of files requires a lot of bandwidth and resources on our servers. That being said, please continue to bear with us for just a little while longer. We are also waiting on one more piece of equipment to arrive which runs out DVD players. Until that part arrives, we will not be able to air Polka Time or our Sunday church services. I will do my best to keep posting updates as I have them. In the meantime keep checking back and we'll let you know once we're able to go back to our full schedule again.
PLEASE NOTE: Democracy Now will be returning to its 8 am and 5 pm weekday slot.