100 Faces of War

On completion the 100 Faces project will consist of 100 Portraits of Americans who have been to the theaters of war in Iraq or Afghanistan (OEF,OIF). Each portrait is accompanied by a placard featuring a statement written by the person pictured and a brief biography of the person pictured. The biographical information and the statement reflect the person at the time of the creation of the portrait.
Mostly military personnel are pictured but some civilians are also pictured. All have travelled from America to the theater of war in Iraq and/or Afghanistan. The portraits are not for sale and not done at any cost to the participants.
The project is being created by the artist Matt Mitchell with the help of many volunteers. Matt Mitchell selects each person to be involved and paints each portrait.
The portraits and statements are meant to be exhibited both while the project is in progress and upon completion. This exhibition is meant to serve as a place where people can contemplate the nature of the American experience of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
100 Faces of War Experience is granted not-for-profit status nationally through New York Foundation for the Arts and locally in Western Massachusetts through the Veterans Education Project. Both organizations are 501c3 organizations.
There will be an exhibition of the first 50 Portraits in September & October at the Canal Gallery in Holyoke, MA. The opening reception will be Friday September 9, from 6-9pm.
For more information about the 100 Faces Project, head over to http://www.100facesofwarexperience.org/ and be sure to check out the video at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/100faces/100-faces-of-war-experience.
Pictured is Alexander Scott Arredondo, 1985-2005. Enlisted from High School. From Boston, MA. Marine, Lance Corporal
Najaf, Iraq through May 2005. Alexander Arredondo died in combat.