Climate Chaos in the South

Climate change has already claimed millions of victims. Not where we live, but in the South. Farmers, cattle breeders and fishermen are complaining that seasons seem to have a mind of their own, downpours and cyclones that destroy everything, drought that scorches the earth and a lack of sweet water. Ever-increasing poverty is making many leave in search of a nice, pleasant place to live
Wereldmediatheek travelled to Burkina Faso and Togo, Ecuador and Bangladesh, to measure the damage being caused by climate change. Dozens of people, along with experts, testify to the fast-increasing poverty as a result of climate change. What originally appeared to be purely an environment problem, now seems to have become an unimaginable humanitarian catastrophe. That something has to be done to mitigate climate change is obvious, but that the South will also have to adapt, is inevitable.

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