Cash raffle and a chance to win a 32-inch flat screen television

Dear Community Member,May 31, 2011
Have you heard? Amherst Media is hosting a Cash Raffle (with outstanding odds)!
Your participation in our cash Raffle (a $10 donation) affords you incredible odds at winning real money while simultaneously supporting & sustaining community media. With a maximum of 1,000 tickets to be sold, the cash prizes are: First Prize $2,000, Second Prize $1,000, Third Prize $500. Winners will be announced at the Town of Amherst July 4th Celebration. Winners do not need to be present to win.
Stop by the station or visit one of our esteemed Board members to purchase your ticket.
Expanding upon our three cable channels (formerly known as ACTV), Amherst Media
delivers training in digital technologies, citizen journalism, and audio podcasting, as well as video production & editing.
Each of these opportunities are member-driven with convenient access. Additionally, we are now your local Apple Authorized Training Center, with member discounts on Apple certified trainings.
Help to shape, ensure, and sustain the future of your community media center by purchasing a raffle ticket and/or completing our online community needs assessment survey today.
Our community needs assessment survey and focus group sessions have been quite successful. For those who've participated, thank you! If you have not yet taken part, there's still time.
Our online survey and your opportunity to win a 32-inch flat screen television remains . . . . until Friday June 17th. Visit to complete your survey and enter to win today.
When you support public media, are you supporting community media? We commonly think of important entities such as NPR or PBS when considering ìpublic media.î As important as these sources may be, Amherst Media is your hometown, grassroots, public access, and community media center.
Many thanks and cheers towards a productive and pleasant Summer! . . . . . Where even the ìhî is heard
246 College Street, Amherst (413)