Teatro V!da members visit UCONN for Women of Color Day for Women's History month

Teatro V!da members, Emmy Cepeda and Eilianie Alvelo, visited the University of Connecticut at Storrs on March 1, in celebration of Women of Color Day for Women's History month.
As part of their visit, they received a tour of the University's cultural centers, by Ms. Angela Rola, founder and director of UConn's Asian American Cultural Center. The day included a luncheon with University faculty and staff, where the keynote address was delivered by Teatro V!da's Co-founder and Artistic Director, Magdalena GÛmez. Ms. Gomez's keynote focused on celebrating women of color who have not been recognized by the mainstream, such as DoÒa Ana Roque de Duprey, the founder of Puerto Rico's suffrage movement in 1917. Later in the day, Emmy Cepeda and Eilianie Alvelo, joined Ms. GÛmez in a performance for students, at the Student Union Theater, where they presented their original poetry. Following the performance, during the Q & A, they encouraged UConn students to join them on stage to recite their own poetry. All three performers have been invited to submit their poetry for inclusion in the upcoming premiere issue of Latino Cultural Center's new journal, to be released this year.
In this photo: Emmy Cepeda, standing in front of the mural that document's the Asian American Cultural Center's history, with photograph's, text and time-line. Emmy and EIlianie will be returning to UConn in the near future to meet with students and plan an on campus open mic collaboration with Teatro V!da members and UConn student poets.