"Lens and Keyboard as Palette" - Community Art Walls. Amherst Media & Amherst Art Walk.

ìLens and Keyboard as Paletteî - Exhibit on display at Amherst Media, 246 College St., through February 2011.
Photographic images representing the creative vision and expression brought forth when the spirit of classical photography is married with the digital arts.
Experience the talent of local photographers as they challenge our perceptions, simplify and expand our understandings, and invite us to participate in the environment through their uniquely creative lens.
Please join us for the February 3rd Amherst Art Walk, from 5-7pm. Featured artists will be on hand to speak about their images; their process, their muse, and the applications they favor. We further invite you to take part in ìArt Talkî at 7pm, our after the Art Walk, filmed for broadcast, conversation with the exhibit curator Tom Prutisto, and participating artists.
Amherst Media graciously thanks the following artists for their rich sampling of possibilities in digital photography and contributions to this fantastic exhibit: Pete Chilton, Tom Prutisto, Ani Rivera, and Joan Terry.
To learn more about how you can enhance your own digital media skills, check out amherstmedia.org for calendar listings of upcoming community workshops, informational sessions, and tech. support. You'll find an enticing array of Photoshop courses, something new almost every week.
Photo Credit: Joan Terry