Amherst Media offers Town Wide office candidates an uninterrupted and unedited forum to speak on their own behalf

Dear Town Wide office candidate,
Amherst Media proudly supports and promotes free speech; encouraging people to actively participate in government, fostering critical thinking, and honoring self-expression.
As you have officially committed your intention to run for a Town Wide office, Amherst Media offers you the opportunity to speak candidly to the community-at-large. We invite you to take advantage of our self-contained studio and the ability to record a brief presentation to your neighbors and constituents . . . uninterrupted and unedited. Unformatted and in your own words, this presentation will be cablecast on local channels as well as made available on-demand at
Candidate guidelines, tips, and miscellaneous:
ïCandidates must have successfully submitted all paperwork to Town Clerk within official parameters and deadlines.
ïThis invitation is for Town Wide office candidates only, not Town Meeting members.
ïCandidates may present up to 15 minutes of recorded presentation, filmed on location at Amherst Media in our self-contained studio. Candidates may choose to record less than 15 minutes, however all presentations will be cut off at the 15-minute mark, no exceptions.
ïRecording times must be reserved a minimum of 48 hours in advance.
ïAll recordings will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10:30am ñ 3:30pm.
ïLast day to record your presentation is Tuesday March 8th 2011.
ïCablecast and on-demand access to presentations will begin on Saturday March 12th 2011, with all eligible presentations receiving equal and rotating number of plays on cablecast channels.
ïCandidates must arrive 10 minutes prior to their scheduled recording reservation.
ïCandidates are further encouraged to arrive with prepared statements, and to avoid wearing white shirts.
Amherst Media is your Community Media Center. The statements and opinions reflected in any/all of these candidate presentations is in no way indicative of the ideas, beliefs, nor mission of the staff, members, Board of Directors, or volunteers associated with Amherst Media.
Best of fortune to you in your candidacy efforts and thank you for actively participating in transparency and true democracy.
Your Amherst Media Staff