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Jan 5, 2021

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Sep 5, 2017
Amherst Media interns Charlie Turner and NJ Park take a look at the daily life and struggles of Ashley, a traffic island panhandler in Hadley. This insightful short documentary explores the problem of homelessness in the Amherst area and includes interviews with homeless advocates. Read the full story and watch the video on The Collective.
Aug 22, 2017
Once again, Town Manager Paul Bockelman will be making a public appearance to engage with the citizens of Amherst to answer questions or hear complaints and compliments on how to improve the town and to see how things are going. The "Cuppa' Joe with Paul" is a regularly rotating event around the town and there are different guests appearing each time. This time around, Amherst Fire Chief Time Nelson will be there to speak as well. All are welcome to voice their ideas! 
Aug 14, 2017
The Curious Giraffe Show, a series hosted by Dorothy Cresswell, retired elementary school teacher and music educator, aims to get kids thinking about important issues in today's society. In these episodes, they sing about a number topics ranging from water safety tips; including the importance of staying hydrated, wearing sunscreen when sunny, always swimming with a buddy to even more societal issues such as the importance of acceptance of all different lifestyles from one's own family.
Jul 31, 2017
On August 3rd, the Arts Night Plus event is taking place. Amherst residents and visitors are invited to search for tiny canvas artworks throughout downtown Amherst. These artworks will be spread around town at various Arts Night Plus venues on Wednesday, August 2nd. Photos of the artwork with their respective location clues will be posted on the Amherst Arts Night Plus Facebook and Instagram pages.
Jul 31, 2017
The Amherst School committee is hosting community listening sessions on Aug 8th and Sept 14 6PM to gather input from the members of the community about the Fort River feasability study, the School Building Committee process and other elementary school building issues. In order to allow more time to have community hearings over the decision whether or not to construct a new school building committee for the Fort River School site on South End Street, and to merge Wildwood and Fort River Elemantary schools together, the School Community voted to delay this decision.
Brian "Mac" MacNamara
Jul 27, 2017
It was with sadness that we learned of the passing of Brian "Mac" MacNamara. While we will miss him, we are honored to have been part of recognizing the man and his contributions to our community. Last year, Mac sat down in our studio to share his memories and insights. The video also includes recognitions of his impacts by friends and former students at an event honoring Mac held at Rafters. Click through to watch the video
Jun 21, 2017
On June 29th, from 6-8PM in the Woodbury room of Jones Library, the Amherst Select Board, Planning Board, and Town Manager will host a community forum to identify and discuss issues related to the town center.
May 19, 2017
Amherst Media is proud to present video of the following panels and keynote speakers who recently presented at the Center for Latin American, Caribbean and Latino Studies at UMASS Amherst at their recent conference, Puerto Rico: Savage Neoliberalism, Colonialism and Financial Despotism. In light of the current financial straights and the upcoming vote, we find the ideas and information here of great relevance. We encourage you to share these links widely and openly to all who might benefit from the discussions.
John Bonifaz
May 16, 2017
Carson McGrath, reporting for The Collective, looked at efforts by Amherst resident John Bonifaz to move towards impeachment for President Trump. The article looks into his efforts with his organization Free Speech for People, the impeachment process, national efforts, and the vote at Amherst's 2017 spring town meeting.  Read the full report.
The Amherst Collective logo
May 8, 2017
Over the last few months, Amherst Media interns, volunteers, and staffers have been ramping up efforts to launch The Collective, a new multi-media publication. Writers, photographers, videographers and podcasters have been putting together pieces that are becoming part of a new look for Amherst Media.