Jun 24, 2011
Leaving from central and western Massachusetts, two buses full of Registered Nurses and their allies in the community traveled to New York City to participate in a protest on Wall Street. The Massachusetts Nurses Association was joining nurse's unions from across the country to promote ìNational Nurses United's Main Street Contract for the American Peopleî which includes demands for a new tax on financial transactions. An Amherst Media intern went along for ride and put together this video as part of Amherst Media's ongoing initiative to support and practice citizen journalism.
Jun 21, 2011
With respect to Amherst College, ARPS, the UMASS students that comprise University Community Academic Network (UCAN), and the community-at-large, Amherst Media encourages our members and viewers to check out the full story (a story of good news) at:
Jun 20, 2011
Our Cash Raffle is in process: 1st prize=$2000, 2nd prize=$1500 and 3rd prize=$500. Max. ticket sales are 1000. We are at less than #220 with a drawing on July 4th (ouch). Great odds!!!! Stop in today and (make your donation) pick up your lucky ticket! Thank you for supporting your local community media center, Amherst Media.
Jun 20, 2011
Here's a bit of the back story as well as the supplies list and convenient drop-off locations . . . . The Project Backpack 2011 initiative is designed to support and assist income-eligible families in the districts to acquire the necessary and grade-appropriate school supplies children need on the first day of school and academic year. The goal of the program is to provide 455 back packs for elementary students and 360 for middle and high school students.
Jun 16, 2011
Some footage of the first official Wednesday Market at Kendrick Park, and an interview with the market's manager, Danya Teitelbaum.
Jun 14, 2011
An exciting workshop for those interested in producing large format fine art prints, portfolio editions and exhibition prints. Those individuals with intermediate experience in Photoshop will benefit most. Together with the instructor, you are guided through the intricacies of a fine art print workflow using your images. This workshop is designed to simplify the technical jargon of inkjet printing: ìPrint Settings,î ìColor-Management,î ìGamut,î ìSoft-Proofingî.
Jun 13, 2011
"In 1979 a group of students interested in aquaculture, art, and growing their own food constructed a greenhouse attached to one of the mods (apartments) in Enfield House. Being a very humid environment, the wood eventually rotted and the greenhouse was replaced in 1992, again by students. This greenhouse was far more permenant, as it was made out of glass and aluminium. It had goshen stone raised beds, a waterfall, koi tank, and hydroponic basil. In 2008 the greenhouse had to be taken down for structural reasons as part of the renovation of Enfield House.
Jun 8, 2011
The following article, reported for the Valley Advocate, Thursday June 2nd 2011, by Chris Rohmann. Stay Tuned - Amherst Media will be bringing you the footage from "Dancing in My Cockroach Killers." StageStruck: Looking at Mortality - Magdalena Gomez wants to leave a legacy of lives touched. This is a big year for playwright/poet/teacher/activist Magdalena Gomez, who has been the recipient of numerous awards and honors in the past few months.
Jun 6, 2011
Your time is valuable. Access and Community Media are rich local resources. Imagine Democracy Now, Polka, School Committee, or your own production on a 32-inch flat screen. We need your input:
Jun 1, 2011
Xana IT are hosting our first ever LAN party this weekend. What's that mean? It means lots of video games. For more info and to sign up for the festivities which start Saturday June 4th @ 1pm, go here: