Jan 19, 2018
In the run up to the March vote on the Charter Commission's recommendation to eliminate Town Meeting and the Select Board in favor of a Town Council, several debates have been slated to shine a light on the issues involved. Here's the first debate that took place January 11, 2018, at Jones Library.
Julius Lester - Courtesy the Hampshire Daily Gazette
Jan 19, 2018
Our warmest condolences go out to the friends & family of Julius Lester, a powerful author, activist, musician and Amherst community member. We were privileged to have him in our studio for an interview with Marcie Sclove on her show Going Deeper.  To learn more about Julius’ journey, watch the two-part interview here: Going Deeper: Julius Lester (Part 1)
Jan 19, 2018
In the wake of Donald Trump's victory in the last election, The Collective's Justine O'Brien saw a surge in artists speaking out against the things they felt the new president embodied. It led her to take a look at artists who use their work in the quest for social justice. Only in The Collective
Jan 18, 2018
As rents and property values push housing costs out of reach nationwide, many have found hope in the Tiny House Movement. The Collective's Alyssa Lidman takes a look at this nascent phenomenon in our very own back yard in an extensive story entitled Thinking Small: Why No Tiny Houses in Pi Valley’s Affordable Housing Desert?
Dec 18, 2017
Hands Across the Hills is a project of the Leverett Bridging Committee that brought 11 people from Letcher Country, Kentucky, to Leverett to have discussions and structured interactions with local residents. Discussions between the two groups revolved around why the group from Kentucky coal country voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 election. Monday, December 11, the Leverett group met to recap and discuss what they learned at the Mount Toby Friends Meeting House.
Dec 14, 2017
Many thanks to Scott Merzbach of The Daily Hampshire Gazette for his story on Amherst Media's capital fund drive to erect our new headquarters in the Dickinson Local Historic District. "While best known by some for broadcasting municipal meetings, Amherst Media also serves as a training center and a producer of documentaries, such as one it put together for the Amehrst Survival Center, and another it is putting together for the 50th anniversary of the Amherst A Better Chance program.
Dec 11, 2017
 Amherst Media kicked off its capital campaign Saturday, Nov. 4th, with a tent party featuring music, food and community supporters who turned out to celebrate on the site of what will soon be the organization’s new facility at the corner of Main and Gray streets.
Dec 6, 2017
Over the past summer, we were fortunate enough to interview Greg Watanabe, an American actor who blew us away with his performance in the one-man-play Hold These Truths by Jeanne Sakata. In our interview with Watanabe, we got an exclusive look into his experience and past with acting, as well as what it was like to shift from all of these different genres into Broadway for his latest production, Allegiance. 
Nov 2, 2017
AMHERST — A new 10-year contract between the town and Amherst Media will ensure the nonprofit continues to provide public access service, including live coverage of public meetings, community programming on three cable channels and digital video production training.
Oct 26, 2017
The Rotary Club received Amherst Media's 2017 Jean Haggerty Award for its longstanding history of service in the Amherst community. The award was presented Wednesday, Oct. 25th, at the 42nd Annual Meeting of Amherst Media in its College Street studios. The Jean Haggerty Award recognizes those people or organizations with a longstanding commitment to bettering their community. Steven Brewer, president of Amherst Media, presented the award to Rob Stern, president of The Rotary Club of Amherst.