Aug 16, 2011
The strike by Verizon's land-line workers completes its first week and on Saturday August 13th dozens of workers and even more supporters from the community rallied and picketed at down-town Northampton's Verizon offices. This video shows scenes from that rally...
Aug 10, 2011
Net Neutrality is the right to access whatever we want online without corporations getting in the way. It is the status quo, and in the 21st century there is no more palpable way to support freedom of speech than by ensuring the continued right to an open Internet for all Americans.
Aug 9, 2011
Monday Aug 8th saw the first day of a massive strike of Verizon workers across the North East. Workers were picketing outside of the Verizon Wireless store location in the chain-store-dense Route 9 in Hadley, Massachusetts, just down the road from our studio here at Amherst Media. See what they had to say below and for more check out this article from the Hampshire Gazzette:
Jul 27, 2011
Thirteen Dartmouth students, including Shutesbury resident Jen Fownes, are driving across the country this summer in a bus converted to run on waste vegetable oil. Outfitted with solar panels, high spirits, and a Taco Bell app they are talking up sustainability and innovation. They gave me a tour when they parked in Hadley on June 23rd. Follow their progress at
Jul 26, 2011
Climate change has already claimed millions of victims. Not where we live, but in the South. Farmers, cattle breeders and fishermen are complaining that seasons seem to have a mind of their own, downpours and cyclones that destroy everything, drought that scorches the earth and a lack of sweet water. Ever-increasing poverty is making many leave in search of a nice, pleasant place to live
Jul 26, 2011
Amherst Media congratulates the three (3) winners of our Community Cash Raffle as well as extends warm thanks and appreciation to all who contributed to this fundraising event. The Community Cash Raffle was a success, with staff and Board members alike, enjoying opportunities to engage the community at large about the dynamic changes occurring at Amherst Media. Proceeds from the raffle help to ensure the ongoing sustainability and enhancement of Amherst Media, your community media center. Congratulations to . . . .
Jul 25, 2011
The Xana Multimedia Server (XMMS) is a revolutionary new Open Source resource that allows you to connect multiple computers and users to a single low cost server. Amherst Media have been happily using an XMMS since March 2011 as a shared edit server for our 12 iMacs (across two labs), and our staff network. XMMS works with Windows, Mac and Linux computers and features built in backup to safeguard your work. XMMS is designed to work with resource intensive applications including Final Cut Pro & Premiere.
Jul 22, 2011
In recognition of the vital role that older adults engender in our varied communities, Amherst Media announces a new segment of programming, Adult Plus+, specifically devoted to improving the health, function, and quality of life of older and aging adults.
Jul 20, 2011
Take a peek at this interview with Michael Briggs and learn just how easy this can be. Filmed and edited by Emily Daunt.
Jul 18, 2011
After serving as a fine arts video store and community hub for 25 years, Please Street Video in Northampton is closing its doors. Bill Dwight, long time video clerk, and proud patron Ronald Jose Carlos talk about what this local social institution has meant to them, as well as what it signifies for local businesses and community investment. Pleasant Street Video has launched a donor-driven campaign to purchase movies for public lending circulation through Forbes Library. Filmed and Edited by Ali Pinschmidt.