Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I watch Amherst Media on TV?

A: Amherst Media has three channels that are available to view for cable subscribers in the Town of Amherst: Channels 12 (Public Access), 15 (Education), and 17 (Government). You can also WATCH ALL THREE CHANNELS live on our website.


Q: I don't have cable television. Can I still access Amherst Media programs?

A: Yes! Find us at on your computer, smart phone, or tablet, where you can watch current programs and access thousands of shows, public meetings, and educational offerings from our archives.


Q: Is Amherst Media funded by tax dollars?

A: No. The Town of Amherst receives Comcast fees, not tax dollars, for its public access station as required by Federal Regulations. Between declining cable subscriptions and the ever increasing operating costs of insurance and technology updates, Amherst Media depends more and more on contributions from the private sector. Learn more about supporting Amherst Media.


Q: Does Amherst Media only offer programs related to local issues?

A: Not at all! While we are committed to covering Amherst town meetings and cultural events, you will find ample offerings of international programs from China to Pakistan, from Mexico to Poland, and shows that originate nationally and internationally, like 'Classic Arts Showcase' and 'Democracy Now!'


Q: Can only certain community members host a show?

A: No! We are dedicated to closing the digital divide and providing opportunities for everyone to experience the precious commodity of Free Speech. As a member of Amherst Media you can propose a show and a topic and we will be there to train and equip you to produce, shoot, and air your work.


Q: How do I get involved if I don't want to be on-camera and I don't have my own show?

A: Amherst Media volunteers are members who have designated that they would like to be invited to help cover an event or film or edit a producer's show. Volunteers not only get credit for being crew and valuable camera and editing training, but are also providing a vital service to the rest of the community.