Photoshop Essentials

Our second Photoshop workshop; Essentials will be taught by Tom Prutisto in the new Amherst Media computer suite. Tom is an Adobe Photoshop Certified Expert, Digital Imaging Consultant, Photographer & Educator.
As the former Director of Digital Imaging at Hallmark Institute of Photography©, Tom has guided hundreds of students toward a better understanding of Adobe PhotoshopÆ, LightroomÆ and digital capture.
Essentials is a class for users who already have a good understanding of the topics in "Fundamentals" who wish to expand their knowledge of PhotoshopÆ possibilities. We wil cover:

Local Correction Tools, Dodging & Burning
Layer Blend Modes
Fine Tuning Masks

. . .and new topics such as:

Image Retouching Tools

This class consists of 3 sessions:
November 17th and November 19th, 6-9pm &†November 22nd, 6-8pm
Secure your spot now by paying $175 at the station, or via Paypal below (cost includes Paypal fees):

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