Zoning Board of Appeals 1-26-17

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Zoning Board of Appeals 1-26-17

Zoning Board of Appeals 1-26-17

MEETING TIME: 6:00 pm. LOCATION: Town Room, Town Hall. LIST OF TOPICS: (Continuation from January 24, 2017) ZBA FY2017-00007 – North Square at the Mill District, Beacon Communities LLC, Request a Comprehensive Permit under M.G.L. Chapter 40B, to create a mixed-use, mixed-income development consisting of two new buildings containing 130 residential units, including 20% (26) affordable units, 22,000 square feet of non-residential space, approximately 299 parking spaces, and including site improvements, on approximately 5.3 acre leased site on a 12 acre property at 134 and 92 Montague Road, North Amherst (Map 5A, Parcel 42 and 139; Commercial (Com) and Residential Neighborhood (R-N) Zoning). MEETING TOPICS: Feedback and updates from applicant and staff, Miscellaneous review and follow up of previous concerns, Conditions and waiver review.

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Thursday, January 26, 2017