WMMJN: Wilbert Rideau

WMMJN: Wilbert Rideau

WMMJN: Wilbert Rideau

Professor Demetria Rogeaux Shabazz talks with Wilbert Rideau.

Wilbert Rideau is a lecturer, capital defense consultant,
award-winning prison journalist and author of In the Place of Justice,
which won the 2011 Dayton International Literary Peace Prize. In 1961, the state of Louisiana
condemned 19-year-old Wilbert Rideau to death for murder.

His life was spared by a decision of the U.S. Supreme Court,
but he would spend a decade in solitary death row confinement, and 34 more
years serving a sentence of life imprisonment without parole in Louisiana's
notorious Angola State Prison.

Rideau educated himself as a writer, and in time became the
editor of The Angolite, the prisoner-produced news magazine, and first prison
journalist to win the right to publish free from censorship.

To find out more about Rideau visit http://www.wilbertrideau.com/

Production Date: 
Tuesday, November 4, 2014