A Window into ARPS: ARHS Success After High School Program

A Window into ARPS: ARHS Success After High School Program


The Success After High School group had the opportunity to meet, connect and dialogue with a group of local college students and professionals. This ARMS Family Center group is facilitated by Anastasia Morton, Youth Leadership Coordinator, who collaborated with Michelle Rodriguez and Emma Steiner, Steps to Success Advisors, to organize this event. Professionals, college and high school students engaged in intergroup dialogue about planning and working toward their dreams. The highlighted professions were identified by our students and the majors they were hoping to pursue in college. Students were able to learn about the college process for their particular discipline as well as ask pertinent questions about college culture, internships, financial aid, time management, organization and work-life balance.

Production Date: 
Tuesday, May 7, 2019

A Window into ARPS

In A Window into ARPS, Amherst Regional Public School Superintendent Mike Morris introduces the new and veteran educators within the ARPS system.