Well Deserved Recognition and Gratitude

Amherst Media’s dedicated and talented staff, Faith Gregory and Jeff Mastroianni deserve special thanks and recognition for how they have responded to the current Covid-19 emergency, by providing essential services to the Amherst community.

Between March 20 and April 30, 2020, there has been 30 work days. During that period, they have posted and scheduled for cablecasting 23 government shows, 16 of which were broadcast live. The other 7, Town of Amherst Community Chats, were recorded Zoom meetings given to us for cablecasting, often up on cable and YouTube on the same day.

All recordings by Amherst Media staff is done within our facility at 246 College Street, many of these meetings start at 6:00 or 6:30 PM and go sometimes for three or more hours.

Pre-pandemic we had our faithful interns to help record these evening meetings.  As we all know, the colleges have not come back and their Fall schedules remain unknown.  Faith and Jeff have picked up this slack and have divided the responsibilities to their already full work schedules.  It is staff commitment like this that makes the Amherst government one of the most televised throughout the valley, thus ensuring the Amherst community’s transparency of local governmental bodies.  This deserves to be acknowledged and recognized.

Did you know that not all of our programming is government in nature?  Dorothy Cresswell, host of our award winning children’s show “The Curious Giraffe Show” has submitted new shows she has created remotely, without her usual enthusiastic Curious Crew. But she is dedicated to connect with children to relieve the sense of despair and isolation that so many are feeling.

Our good friends at Pioneer Valley Jazz Shares continue to open their archives to never before broadcasted before performances from 2013. These internationally recognized, exceptional musicians demonstrate the innovation of boundary breaking jazz compositions and improvisational flight. Catch these performances on Cable Channel 15 and streaming online every Wednesday and Friday at 4 and 8 p.m.

Did you catch the 5-College Film Festival awardees’ films? Or hear that Stan Rosenberg is coming back soon with another episode of Byline.  Check out the schedules on our web site, amherstmedia.org see when the next Ted Talk or locally produced Critical Conversations is playing.

There is something airing for everyone.  Let us help you get through these times of staying in place by watching a program that inspires and invigorates your spirit - we all need it and Amherst Media is happy to provide you with some assistance.  We can get through this better if we all help one another.  Be safe and be well.