For 39 years, Amherst Media has served the Greater Amherst community's need for education, production, and distribution of media va its cable channels 12, 15, and 17. Amherst Media has continually evolved as an emerging media access center to fufill the needs of our dynamic and diverse knowledge-driven community by creating a level playing field and reducing the "digital divide".

Amherst Media is committed to keeping the members of this great community as current as possible with all town involvement and activities. Thus we wish to provide our viewers a database of town meetings and school committee hearings in addition to programs developed by fellow community members. To access these resources, please follow the links below.


Amherst Town Council
Amherst Finance Committee
Amherst Planning Board
Amherst Town Meeting
Fort River School Building Committee​

School Commitees

Amherst School Committee
Amherst Joint School Committee
Amherst-Pelham Regional School Committee

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