Urgent Action Requested: Contact the Amherst Select Board regarding the Comcast contract

On Monday, September 26th, the Amherst Select Board will vote to accept or preliminarily reject a cable contract proposal by Comcast for permission to provide cable services to the town.

The Amherst Cable Advisory Committee (CAC) has requested the Town Manager and the Select Board reject the current renewal contract proposed by Comcast unless the contract meets two criteria:

  • Capital in the amount of $1,662,500
  • HD channels for the Public, Education, and Government programs

Email the Select Board

Don’t let the Corporate Giant Comcast dictate their terms on what the Amherst residents can and can’t have.  

Comcast has underfunded the town going back decades. Now we are at a pivotal moment where technology is transforming from top to bottom. Amherst Media has worked with the CAC to identify realistic costs to address the community’s needs over the next 10 years.

High Definition
78% of our viewers have HD television sets and 60% pay Comcast for HD service. These percentages will only be going up. We will be filming and able to distribute in HD. Comcast is preventing the quality from passing onto the customers who pay for it.

Take a stand for Local Control and keep Free Speech a reality in Amherst for the next 40 years and beyond.