Union 26 & Regional School Committee Meeting 8-17-16

Amherst - Union 26 & Regional School Committee

Amherst - Union 26 & Regional School Committee

TIME: 5:45 pm. LOC: ARMS, Library. TOPICS: Procedural Correction Vote Superintendent Separation Agreement & General Release of Claims; Recess until Regional School Cmtee is called to order; Adjourn to Executive Session for the following purposes: a.) Pursuant to MGL Chapter 30A, Section 21(a)(2): To conduct strategy sessions in preparation for contract negotiations with nonunion personnel (Asst. Superintendent M. Morris), b.) To review Executive Session Minutes of 7/13/16, 7/20/16, 8/1/16 & 8/9/16; Return to Public Meeting; Approval of Executive Session Minutes of 7/13, 7/20, 8/1 & 8/9/16 – VOTE; Public Statement about Release of Minutes and Documents Attached; Response to OML Complaint of L. Kelley, Rec'd 8/10/16 (Union #26); Financial Memo re: Geryk Settlement (Union #26 & RSC); Appt of Acting Superintendent of Schools, M. Morris (Union #26 & RSC) Review & VOTE; ARPS District Update; Process for Interim Superintendent (qualifications & form subcmtee)

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Amherst Joint School Committee

Joint School Commitee meetings are meetings that include the Amherst-Pelham Regional School Commitee (grades 7-12), plus the Amherst School Commitee (K-6) and sometimes the Pelham School Commitee (K-6, Pelham).