Statement from School Committee on Fort River School Building and Site Feasibility Study

Statement from Amherst School Committee Chair Phoebe Hazzard on the Selection of the School Building Committee to Overseethe Fort River School Building and Site Feasibility Study.

This Tuesday, October 17, the Amherst School Committee selected the members of the School Building Committee (SBC), which is to oversee the Fort River Elementary School Building and Site Feasibility Study approved for funding by Amherst Town Meeting in May 2017.  In addition to eight SBC members recommended by their respective organizations, the School Committee added four at-large community members using a random selection process during Tuesday’s public Committee meeting.
The four at-large community members (one parent at-large, two community members at-large and a community member with “green design”/ architectural experience) were selected from a pool of 16 applications submitted to the district last week. All completed applications were numbered and names were removed to protect identity; final selections were made randomly during the public Committee meeting on Tuesday.
The final School Building Committee is as follows:
● Eric Nakajima, Amherst School Committee representative
● Diane Chamberlain, Fort River Principal
● TBD, Green Design/ architectural representative
● Heather Sheldon, SEPAC representative
● Jonathan Salvon, Fort River PGO representative
● Irene Dujovne, parent-at-large
● Allison Page, community member-at-large
● Maria Kopicki, community member-at-large
● Town Finance representative
● Jean Fay, ARPS staff member
● Nicole Singer, Fort River teacher
● TBD, Facilities Director
The Committee publicly committed to having a minimum of 50% of the voting membership of the School Building Committee be composed of women and persons of color. Applications were considered accordingly based on the optional self-identification of applicants.
We would sincerely like to thank all those who submitted applications, and those community members, educators, administrators, and town employees who will be offering their time and service to do the important work of this committee going forward. The Committee appreciates the range of experience and expertise represented in this group, and looks forward to working together on behalf of our schools.​

Photo courtesy of the Daily Hampshire Gazette