S2:E2: Byline with Stan Rosenberg: Energy and Climate Action Committee

S2:E2: Byline with Stan Rosenberg: Energy and Climate Action Committee


Record date: 09/13/19

Laura Draucker, chair of Amherst's Energy & Climate Action Committee https://www.amherstma.gov/3…/Energy-Climate-Action-Committee, and vice-chair Andra Rose will appear on "Byline with Stan Rosenberg."
The appointed, nine-member committee is charged with recommending long-term climate action goals to the Amherst Town Council for adoption, focusing on reducing greenhouse gas emissions while fostering resilience across the Town’s residential, commercial, and municipal sectors. The committee is also charged with recommending target dates and benchmarks for achieving climate-change mitigation goals. 
The committee includes Town Councilors Darcy DuMont and Evan Ross; along with residents Dwayne Breger, Ashwin Ravikumar, Nicki Robb, Steve Roof, and Jesse Selman. 
The ECAC has said it is launching a public outreach campaign about initial goals to present to the Town Council.
Description courtesy of the Amherst League of Women Voters.

Production Date: 
Monday, September 23, 2019

Byline with Stan Rosenberg

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