Rotary Wins Jean Haggerty Award for service

The Rotary Club received Amherst Media's 2017 Jean Haggerty Award for its longstanding history of service in the Amherst community. The award was presented Wednesday, Oct. 25th, at the 42nd Annual Meeting of Amherst Media in its College Street studios.

The Jean Haggerty Award recognizes those people or organizations with a longstanding commitment to bettering their community. Steven Brewer, president of Amherst Media, presented the award to Rob Stern, president of The Rotary Club of Amherst.

Founded in 1926, The Rotary Club has consistently demonstrated community engagement and a commitment to social change. It has raised thousands of dollars for service and youth organizations, school projects and scholarships for students. Each year it hosts an auction broadcast live from Amherst Media studios to raise money for various causes.

Past winners of the Haggerty Award include Representative Ellen Story, Issac Ben Ezra, Cynthia Brubaker, Ed Severance, Judy Brooks, the founders of "Student News", and Jerry Gates. The award honors Jean Haggerty's lifetime dedication to community betterment and concern for those who have been denied a voice.

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