Riding in the Zone

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Local journalist, author, motorcycle instructor and former professional racer Ken Condon premieres his new show "Riding In The Zone," a look at the wide world of motorcycling. Ken looks at the intricacies of road racing, flat track riding, adventure riding, traveling on the open road and much more. He talks about trends such as electric motorcycles as well as safety and maintenance tips and gives us insights into methods for being the best possible rider you can be. In this premiere episode, Ken talks to Stephanie Funk, a professional race driver whose love of motor sports has begun to bleed over into the world of motorcycling. Ken and Stephanie talk about their love of riding, how she got into the sport, women and motorcycling and how to get a closer look at the world of motorcycling through track days. Only on Amherst Media.


Riding in the Zone: Tony Iannarelli

Riding in the Zone: Tony Iannarelli