Planning Board Meeting 6-15-16

Amherst Planning Board 6-15-16

Amherst Planning Board 6-15-16

MEETING TIME: 5:00 pm. LOCATION: First Floor Meeting Room, Town Hall. LIST OF TOPICS: 1. Announcements & Minutes; 2. Town Meeting debriefing; 3. Potential Fall zoning amendments a. referred by Town Meeting i. mixed-use buildings standards & conditions ii. inclusionary zoning; b. near-ready articles i. ED review ii. non-substantive corrections; c. amendments in process i. B-L zoning district dimensional standards/footnote "b" ii. accessory home business uses iii. SPR applicability iv. bylaw repair - Table 3 footnotes; d. Others; 4. Public input forum; 5. Topics not reasonably anticipated 48 hours prior to the meeting; Next meetings

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016