Planning Board Meeting 3-23-16

Amherst Planning Board 3-23-16

Amherst Planning Board 3-23-16

MEETING TIME: 4:00 pm. LOCATION: First Floor Meeting Room, Town Hall. LIST OF TOPICS: I. Old Business A. SPR2015-00003 Archipelago Investments LLC One East Pleasant St (formerly Carriage Shops) Request approval of Construction Logistics Plan, in accordance with Condition #7 of Site Plan Review decision SPR2015-03, for a mixed-use building containing dwelling units in combination with ground floor retail/commercial uses & parking and reminder about Condition #4 regarding proposed tree removal (Map 11C, Parcel 278, B-G zoning district); B. Signing of Decisions SPR2016-09 Raymond Goulet RGC LLC 362 Henry St; SPR2016-10 Ronald LaVerdiere 417 West St; SPR2016-11 PSM Clean Energy for Hampshire College 793 West St; C. Topics not anticipated; II. New Business Topics not anticipated.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016