Planning Board 6-21-17

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Amherst Planning Board 6-21-17

Amherst Planning Board 6-21-17

MEETING TIME: 7:05 pm. LOCATION: Town Hall, Town Room. LIST OF TOPICS: 7:05PM Scenic Roads - Jt. Public Hearing with Tree Warden - DPW - 95 East Pleasant Street - request removal of 13 Arborvitae for construction of bus pull-off, relocated to align road for roundabout at intersection with Triangle St.; 7:15PM Site Plan Review SPR2017-15 Mindi Sahner 16-18 & 20 Dickinson St - request SPR approval for mixed-use building, to amend use of ground floor to allow residential use, in addition to current office use permit ZBA91-06 & ZBA93-56 (Map 14B/57, B-VC district); 7:45PM Site Plan Review Cluster SPR-C 2017-14 Paul Cole 1194 West St Apple Brook Cluster Subdivision request SPR approval for 8 lot Cluster Subdivision, with 8 single family homes, with slight modifications from previously approved Cluster Subdivision (Map 25B/29, R-O & R-LD districts)

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017