Planning Board 6-14-17

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Amherst Planning Board 6-14-17

Amherst Planning Board 6-14-17

MEETING TIME: 6:00 pm. LOCATION: First Floor Meeting Room, Town Hall. LIST OF TOPICS: I. Review and Recommendations to ZBA - ZBA FY2017-00024 Todd Gaines/Breck Group - Aspen Heights - 408 Northampton Road - Request Special Permit to modify previously approved Special Permit ZBA FY68-2 to allow an increase in the number of apartment units from 42 to 131, including 12% affordable units, by demolishing existing Amherst Motel and constructing a 180,247 SF, four story apartment complex, with 273 parking spaces, one-half of parking spaces to be located in Amherst and one-half to be located in Hadley, including associated site improvements, under Sections 10.33, 9.22 and 7.9 of the Zoning Bylaw (Map 13D, Parcel 51, PRP zoning district) II. Adjournment.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017