Planning Board 3-15-17

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Amherst Planning Board 3-15-17

Amherst Planning Board 3-15-17

MEETING TIME: 7:00 pm. LOCATION: Town Room, Town Hall. LIST OF TOPICS: Minutes; Public Hearings Zoning Amendments 7:05PM A-10-17 Zoning Table 3 Footnotes Setbacks (Plan Bd); 7:10PM A-11-17 Zoning Table 3 Footnotes Miscellaneous (Plan Bd); 7:15PM A-12-17 Zoning Non-substantive Corrections (Plan Bd); 7:20PM A-13-17 Zoning Apartment Bedroom Mix (Plan Bd); Public Hearings Site Plan review & Special Permit 7:30PM SPR2017-00010 & SPP2017-00003 Archipelago Investments LLC - 26 Spring Street; Old Business Tofino Associates LLC Amherst Hills Subdivision - Lot Release Request & Three party Agreement; Topics not anticipated 48 hours prior; Planning & Zoning ZSC Report; Planning Issues - Forums; C. Pubic Comment; New Business Topics not anticipated; Form A apps; Upcoming ZBA/SPP/SPR/SUB apps; Plan Bd Committee Reports; Report of Chair & Staff

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Thursday, March 16, 2017