Planning Board 10-18-17

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Amherst Planning Board 10-18-17

Amherst Planning Board 10-18-17

MEETING TIME: 7:00 pm. LOCATION: Town Hall, Town Room. LIST OF TOPICS: Minutes; Appearance Bldg Commissioner Rob Morra - update on Site Plan Review Applicability & Admin Approval; Pub Hearing Scenic Roads Stone Wall Removal 294 & 304 Leverett Rd Request removal 8 - 10 ft. of stone wall for construction of driveway; Planning & Zoning ZSC Report, Downtown Forum plan for upcoming forum, Public Comment; Town Meeting Warrant Review, Movers & Speakers, Plan Board Reports to Town Meeting, TMCC & LWV Warrant Review Meeting; Old Business Signing Decisions, Amherst Housing Market Study cont. review, Plan Board Fall Schedule, Topics not anticipated, New Business University Drive Projects presentation & request for recommendation; Mothers Out Front Warrant Art 15 - Net Zero Energy - present & request recommendation, Form A apps, Upcoming ZBA/SPP/SPR/SUB apps, Plan Board Committee reports, Report of Chair & Staff

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017