Planning Board 03-16-16

Amherst Planning Board 3-16-16

Amherst Planning Board 3-16-16
TIME: 7:05 pm in Town Rm. TOPICS: Public Hearings - Zoning Amendments 7:05PM A-06-16 Zoning - Cluster Subdivision Issues (Plan Bd) to see if town will amend Art 4.3, Cluster Developm't and Art 3, Sect 3.321, Two family detached dwelling, Art 6, Table 3, Footnote "k" and Art 12 of Zoning Bylaw to clarify types of multi-unit dwellings that may be included in a Cluster Subdivision, to provide criteria for granting modifications to dimensional requirem'ts for Cluster Subdivision & to provide a definition & criteria for Yield Plan; 7:15PM A-07-16 Zoning - Mixed-use Building Standards (Plan Bd) to see if town will amend Art 3, Sect 3.325 Mixed-use Building, to establish requirem'ts for mix of uses in mixed-use bldg., for non-residential uses on ground floor of mixed-use bldgs & for how those uses would be oriented to public spaces & rights of way & to remove requirem't for a Special Permit for mixed-use bldgs containing more than 10 units in B-L zoning district
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Wednesday, March 16, 2016