Planning Board 03-02-16

Amherst Planning Board 03-02-16

Amherst Planning Board 03-02-16
TIME: 7:00 pm. LOC: Town Room, Town Hall. TOPICS: Minutes; Zoning ZSC Report & Public Comment; Pub Hrgs Zoning Amend'ts 7:10PM A-05-16 Zoning - University Dr - OP to B-L (Plan Bd) To see if town will amend Official Zon'g Map to change zoning designation for Parcel 13B-33 on University Dr from Office Park (OP) to Limited Business (B-L); Pub Hrgs Site Plan Review 7:45 PM SPR2016-09 Raymond Goulet RGC LLC 362 Henry St Request SPR approval to construct new 5-bedroom single family home to be operated by ServiceNet as a group home for 5 residents (Map 9A-79, R-O zon'g dist); 8:00 PM SPR2016-10 Ronald LaVerdiere 417 West St Request SPR approval to add two apartments to previously-approved mixed-use building (Map 19D-2, B-VC zon'g dist); Old Business Sign Decision SPR2016-08 Hampshire College 1095 West St Solar installation; Topics not anticipated; New Business CPTC Brochure; Form A apps; Upcoming ZBA/SPP/SPR/SUB apps; Plan Bd Reports; Report of Chair & Staff
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Wednesday, March 2, 2016