NERD Summit 2014: Women in IT

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Women in IT Panel


This session will kick off with a presentation on recent research on subtle, implicit bias by Nicole Noll, a social psychologist teaching at Harvard and co-founder of the Women's Coding Collective, followed by a panel discussion led by Julia Rowinski, human resources director at Last Call Media; Kelly McCabe, developer at Last Call Media; Johanna Bates, front-end developer, Drupalist, and nonprofit tech strategist with DevCollaborative; and designer and front-end developer Victoria Chapman from Common Media.

Production Date: 
Saturday, September 13, 2014

NERD Summit

This is a collection of videos and recordings from NERD Summit, a conference held at in Western Massachusetts dedicated to supporting and training those in or interested in web development and IT as well as increasing diversity and inclusion in those areas.

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