Hourglass Trails: Singing with Alex

Hourglass Trails: Singing with Alex


In this episode of Hourglass Trails, Tulip interviews and presents the music of Alex Yantsevich, who sings and plays guitar.

Production Date: 
Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Hourglass Trails


Each life is unique in its own way, humble or great. In ‘Hourglass Trails’, we will invite guests from all walks of life to explore the many facets of living. We will share ideas on topics related to family, society, health, literature, arts, music and truly anything that gives food for thought.

Author, poet and columnist, Tulip Chowdhury is passionate about nature, music, reading, swimming and cooking. Her books include, Visible, Invisible & Beyond, Red, Blue, Purple, Reaching Beyond Words, Raindrops, Stars in the Sky, Nature & Love and April. Tulip resides in Amherst, Massachusetts.