HEALth as Praxis

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What is Health? Let's together explore our  living, complex, creative, multifaceted, multidimensional, and iterative process of experiencing, cultivating, researching, promoting, sustaining and thriving individual, family, community and organizational HEALTH. Weekly, in HEALth as Praxis, we will have an opportunity to ask questions, reflect and be invited to experiment with what we learn from local, regional and international guests addressing HEALth from a holistic, individual and systemic perspective. 

More about Jalieh: An Amherst resident who grew up in Brazil, Jalieh has an eclectic background that includes being a graduate from Dartmouth College, a trilingual mental health clinician and a certified body-centered Core-Energetics therapist with training in conflict-resolution, multicultural mediation and experience in corporate and experiential training & facilitation. Jalieh, a Baha'i, is a life-learner, traveler, author, poet, sculptor, installation artist, designer, dancer, Dynamic Coherence™life coach and a committed and engaged family and community member.

I would love to read from you! If you have a question/ suggestion/ idea about HEALTH you would like to share, please contact Jalieh at

HEALth as Praxis: Kgomotso Mogapi & Hyasintha Ntuyeko

HEALth as Praxis: Kgomotso Mogapi & Hyasintha Ntuyeko

HEALth as Praxis: Kgomotso Mogapi & Hyasintha Ntuyeko