Finance Committee 03-31-16

Amherst Finance Committee Meeting 3-31-16

Amherst Finance Committee Meeting 3-31-16
TIME: 7:00 pm. LOCATION: 1st Fl Mtg Rm, Tn Hl. News affecting the budget. Expenditure & other articles. Petition: Kinsey memorial garden, Pope/Sharry. 67 Amity St Rezoning & Restrictive Covenant (Library), Sharry. Petition: $30,000 for a consultant to the charter commission (if it’s approved), Andy Churchill. Easements for Pine St sidewalks, Triangle/E Pleasant, Mooring. Sewer Extension Amherst Woods/Station Rd Phase II. Already voted by FC, additional questions, Mooring Petition: Appropriate funds for study of repairs to Wildwood & Fort River, Kopicki, someone from Schools. Petition: Open government for Town Meeting, Collins. Petition: Medicaid reimbursement to schools. Petition: UMass non-taxable housing educations costs. Petition: Resolution re House Bill 2584. Member reports – reports from liaisons & representatives. Minutes of previous meeting. Next meeting & agenda. Topics not reasonably anticipated by chair 48 hours in advance of mtg.
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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Amherst Finance Committee

The bylaws of the Town of Amherst require the Finance Committee "to investigate all proposals in the articles of the warrant for any town meeting that shall in any way affect the finances of the town and to recommend to the town... a course of action thereon, and in general to make recommendations to the town in regard to any financial business of the town."