Creating a Human Rights Culture: Dr. Rhoda Smith (Part 2)

Creating A Human Rights Culture: Dr. Rhoda Smith (Part 2)


In this episode of Creating a Human Rights Culture, Joe speaks with Dr. Rhoda Smith about the various types of micro-intrusions: insults, assaults and invalidations. They apply this framework to better understand issues and possible solutions surrounding racism & policing.

Dr. Rhoda Smith is an Assistant Professor of Social Work at Springfield College.

Production Date: 
Thursday, May 17, 2018

Creating a Human Rights Culture

Creating a Human Rights Culture includes interviews, discussions, public service announcements, and videos calling for a "lived awareness" of the interdependency of human rights principles, as defined by the Human Rights Triptych, in our minds and hearts, and dragged into our everyday lives. Such principles include human dignity, non-discrimination, civil, political, economic, social, and solidarity rights.

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