Congressman McGovern works towards solutions to student-debt crisis at UMass forum

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On Wednesday, October 14, 2015, Congressman James McGovern, along with others, spoke at a University of Massachusetts Amherst forum that focused on the issue of excessive student debt and the “crisis of affordability” for higher education.  McGovern explains that any short-term changes to this concern would have more potential at state level, rather than at federal level.

High balances owed back to college debt cripples many people today, overall putting a strain on our economy.  McGovern believes and has hope for progress in which interest rates for loans for both new borrowers, as well as people who currently have student debt, could be lowered.  Mentions of President Barack Obama’s plan to make community college free were bought up, in addition to the campaign “Higher Ed Not Debt, and other possible proposals to help steady this crisis.  James McGovern also plans to go the university chancellor to discuss this matter.

In addition to Congressman McGovern,  the forum featured Maggie Thompson from Higher Ed Not Debt, a representative from Rep. Paul Mark’s office, and others along with public comment .

A full article can be found on the Gazette’s website.