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At the Gate of Memory: Elizabeth Pols

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Feb 24, 2017

In an age of mass media consolidation, access to public information to insure government transparency is more vital than ever. Amherst Media, one of the oldest community access centers in the country providing that kind of transparency to its community, is in a contract dispute with the Town of Amherst. And as with many other such centers across the country over the last ten years, its future is far from certain.

Democracy Now! Logo
Jan 18, 2017

Democracy Now! will provide special live coverage of the Inauguration on Friday, January 20 from 8am-3pm and the Women’s March on Saturday, January 21 from 10am-3pm.  Amherst Media will air the programming in full on Channel 12.

Pioneer Valley artist Elizabeth Pols at work.
Jan 17, 2017

Elizabeth Pols, a local Pioneer Valley artist, speaks to Amherst Media on the inspirations behind the many paintings and sculptures in her show At the Gates of Memory, hosted at the Smith The Alumnae House Gallery. Click through to watch the video.

Stand with Standing Rock
Nov 23, 2016

Native Peoples: Not Past Tense
Magdalena Gómez

Standing Rock Sioux Reservation situated along the border between North Dakota and South Dakota along the Missouri River, is the site of the on-going protests against the building of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Cable Franchise Negotiations Update
Oct 3, 2016

On Monday, September 29, The Amherst Select Board again took up the issue of the 10-year, likely to either accept the currently negotiated draft or issue a preliminary denial. Town Manager Paul Bockelman reported that negotiations with Comcast will continue until the eleventh hour of the current contract–October 13th. At Bockelman's suggestion, the Select Board removed the Cable Advisory Committee from the negotation team and replaced them with two members of the Select Board–Andrew Steinberg and Doug Slaughter.