Capital Plan

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Our Challenge

We have been asked to vacate the location of our longtime studio which we have been leasing for 21 years. The building owner has been generous in giving us several extensions on our lease, but it is time for us to leave. Time is ticking. 

We have searched for a new home in Amherst, including over 25 existing locations without success. Our community partners, including town and school administration, have been supportive, but there simply is no location available that can provide the kind of space and continuity that Amherst Media needs. 

Amherst Media needs to build a new home, to meet the community's needs for the future of public access.

Our Plan

Amherst Media has purchased property on Main Street with the goal of building a world-class nonprofit community media center in downtown Amherst. Our vision is to create a new resource for the Amherst community that will be a hub for government transparency, community media and meaningful civic dialogue. Today we are ready to make that vision a reality – but we need your help.

With support from the Amherst Rotary Club, other local leaders, and businesses we are on our way to paying off the land and are planning our new building and state of the art studios, top of the line technology and a maker space – all open to the public.

The new Amherst Media will be an engine for creativity, a bastion for free speech, and a catalyst for economic development. We will host community storytelling events, after school programs, and innovative workshops. We will be able to provide more community based programming, space for community gatherings, publish original local reporting, and foster engagement and meaningful dialogue. 

Our Vision

Amherst is filled with important stories. We envision a world-class community media center where those stories can be told, shared, and amplified. This new hub for creativity and technology in downtown Amherst will keep a spotlight on local government, expand local news, give voice to organizations, and enable people to develop new skills for a changing economy. The new Amherst Media will bring the town together around the stories we share. 

Right now Amherst is facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities with big changes on the horizon for our economy, our schools and even our town government. At a time like this it is more important than ever to make sure that all people have a voice in the decisions shaping our community. 

Local news and community media are struggling in Western Massachusetts and around the country. The commercial business model for journalism is changing, coverage of our communities is dwindling, and the diversity of voices and viewpoints is narrowing dangerously. Nationally, and locally, the media that used to bring us together, is increasingly pulling us apart.  Amherst Media brings us together, and is dedicated to providing access to local government, media and technology for everyone. Amherst Media is your voice. 

Call to Action

As we begin to build on our new home, we need meaningful support from donors, members and supportive local businesses.

Please give now! 

For further information:

Jim Lescault
Executive Director