Call to action: Support our new building NOW

We have been busy pursuing the required approvals to build on our property located at Main and Gray Streets. Located at the entrance to the both the cultural and local historic districts (LHDC) and zoned for a business neighborhood, our two parcels of property are conveniently located at a new bus stop and are situated near the public middle and high schools. 

Public transportation will provide easy access for the many college interns and student volunteers working with us to cover your public events, educational programming, and government meetings each year. 
As many of you have read or heard by now, a certificate was not granted for the project by the Historic District Commission at the recent March 11th meeting. We have yet to receive the official report to make informed changes to our design. We will present a redesign as soon as possible.
For over 42 years we have supported other non-profits and socially just causes in this town. 
Faced with no other option in terms of a suitable place to house our studio and services, we need you to show your support for us.
Our current lease terminates in November, and we are asking for supporters of Amherst Media to either send a letter of support for our right to build at Main and Gray Streets or show up at the Planning Board meeting this Wednesday, March 20 at 7 p.m. in Amherst Town Room to voice your support.
We are interested in reflecting the nature of both the cultural and historic districts, however, we are determined to build on our property as would any other owner in the Town of Amherst.
Please email your letter of support to Christine Bestrup, Planning Director at
A copiable template for the letter is below.
Thank you again for your time and support.
Demetria Shabazz
Chair, Amherst Media Board of Directors
Dear Director Bestrup,
I am writing to you to register my support of Amherst Media’s proposed new facility, to be located at the corner of Main and Gray Streets, Amherst.
Acknowledging that the exterior of the building should reasonably reflect the Cultural and Historic Districts, I support the location and the right to build their studio at Main and Gray.
I recognize the importance of the Dickinson Historical District but feel that Amherst Media has a right to build on their property zoned for business neighborhood by the town and purchased by Amherst Media in 2013.
I strongly endorse this project and encourage both the Local Historic Commission and the Planning Board to allow permitting this project to proceed.
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