Board of Director Candidate Descriptions

In addition to honoring State Representative Ellen Story with the Jean Haggerty award, current Amherst Media members will cast ballots for candidates to the Board of Directors.

For those voting, here are brief writeups for the three candidates to the Amherst Media Board of Directors:

Pearl Burgoff is a 21 year old business administration transfer major, currently studying at Greenfield Community College.

Matt Heron Duranti grew up in Amherst, MA, having graduated from ARHS, and then UMass, with a degree concentration in Executive Film Production.  He is the owner of local multi-media production company, CCP (Counterfeit Cow Productions) and has filmed several film projects in and around the valley. With ten years experience in media, Matt and has worked in various levels of production from on screen to behind the lens. Matt has enjoyed working with Amherst Media over the past three years and hopes to continue his stay on the board to help champion the organization as it evolves with its community during this digital evolution. You can learn more about Matt and his work at

Demetria Rougeaux Shabazz is a faculty member in the Department of Communication at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Her research and teaching interests focus on diversity issues in mass communication, especially television and film, as well as the role of independent media to foster a more democratic culture. Shabazz has served as the co-chair of the Youth Action Coalition, a social justice and arts group for middle and high-school youth and is a producer at Amherst Media for both the Media Justice Network of Western Massachusetts (MJNet) series and Difficult Dialogues. Shabazz was a co-convener for the International Digital Storytelling Conference held in Amherst and Northampton in 2015 and worked in partnership with Amherst Media teaching media literacy in Holyoke, and digital storytelling in Amherst.